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    We have the right generator for industrial ,Home ,office or business backup power solutions

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    Hired Diesel Generator Sets From Sairaj Generators

    We have the right generator for industrial ,Home ,office or business backup power solutions

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    We Are Top Generator Rental Provider

    At our generator business, we understand that generators can be noisy and disruptive, especially at events. That’s why we offer comfortable generator solutions that can help minimize noise and provide a more pleasant experience for your guests. Our generators are designed to operate at a lower decibel level, reducing noise pollution while still delivering reliable power. we provide generators for all events like wedding concerts, and parties.

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    Generator Services

    We are Services provider of Generator Services like Diesel Generator Sets On Hire, Diesel Generators On Hire for Companies, Events, Functions, Exhibitions, Sound Proof Mobile Generator Vans, Old Generator Sales And Services, Small Diesel Generators And Big Diesel Generators, Power Generators, Diesel Welding Sets, Sound Proof Generators On Hire, Mobile Vans.

    Events Generator

    There are many different types of events that may require temporary power or standby generators, such as funfairs, concerts, sports events, business launches, Christmas markets, weddings, and much more. As such, your needs for event power engineering can vary widely depending on what kind of event you’re running.

    Industrial Generator

    They are customized generators to make them suitable for industrial usage. These generators are rented as they function at the capacity of 150KVA or more. They have specially designed features that make them conducive across all industries.


    Comfortable Generator For Your Events

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    45 kva Generator
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    82 kva Generator
    100 kva Generator
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    125 Kva Generator
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    125 kva Genrator
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    15 Years Experiences

    Sairaj Generator Completed 15 years of Experience


    Dedicated Team Working

    Overall, Sairaj Generators appears to be a company that values teamwork and collaboration to deliver high-quality products and services to their customers.


    Best Team Skills & Experience

    Overall, a team with a combination of these skills and experience can be valuable for designing, manufacturing, and distributing high-quality generators, such as those offered by Sairaj Generators.

    Why Choose Us

    The Best Choosing Generator For Events

    Sairaj Generators is a brand that offers a range of generators for various applications, including residential, commercial, and industrial use. Here are some potential reasons why someone might choose a Sairaj generator:


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    Frequently Asked Question

    Yes, you will have to pay a security deposit when renting any generator.

    One of the advantages of renting a generator is that you will not have to pay for servicing and maintenance.

    Yes, you can choose home delivery when renting a generator. However, the timing of the delivery depends on the availability.

    Yes, you can easily rent a generator for a long duration. You may also get discounts for renting the generator for an extended period. However, you must contact the provider to discuss this in detail.

    Renting is a great idea when you do not want to worry about servicing and repairs. It makes it convenient for you if you want to relocate.

    When you rent a generator, you can ask Sai Raj Generator to give the best one according to your requirement. They have a lot of experience with generators, so they can recommend the best one for your usability.